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Hi there, my name is Ben, and I am 24.  I moved to Alaska back in 2007 after my father finished a 30-year career in the Marine Corps.  Growing up in a military family, and having spent most of my life in Alaska, I’ve grown strong family values, understand the importance of putting your best foot forward in any situation, and working with your neighbors to find solutions.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Alaska, Anchorage with a BA in Business Management, I moved to Kodiak and began to build a life with my beautiful wife, Brianna.  I currently work as a Property Manager for low-income developments, am leasing up the new Kodiak Marketplace and offering my knowledge and services to the community.

I am strong in my faith to God, believe in the importance of our United States and Alaska Constitutions, and know that the best way to build up oneself is to build up those around you.  Help me take this belief to Juneau, and build a better future for everyone.



The biggest thing I want to get done in Juneau is depoliticize Alaskan services. Every year, we watch in anticipation as our government argues over what services are going to be funded or cut. Be it the Alaska Marine Highway System, the Permanent Fund Dividend or Education, it's all a political game year after year. I am frustrated at how these essential services have become political talking points and negotiation tools in the eyes of Juneau. I know that many of you share this frustration. We need to take these essential services, identify them, provide a way that guarantees funding by the state, and stop the political bargaining with our lives. By doing this, we remove the politics, and make our lawmakers focus on issues that matter to Alaskans. Properly maintaining our fisheries, getting our oil back into full production and creating affordable housing incentives for our coastal communities need to be addressed, and I will work to make it happen.

I believe in an Alaska that is resource dominant, not just independent.

I believe in an Alaska that provides better future for all Alaskan's, not just maintain what we already have.

I believe in an Alaska that supports all of its citizens at every level and location in our state.


Flexible Payment Planning


For what seems like forever, we keep hearing about how the State needs our PFD, because without it, the budget is unsustainable.  The issue with this view of our budget is that the PFD was never meant to be apart of it in the first place.  Further growing our State budget to fund special projects is what’s unsustainable to Alaska.  I believe in a smaller government.  One where we put faith in our private industry and grow an economy of the people, not an economy of the government.

If we continue on the path we are on now, ask yourself what will happen when the PFD runs out.  Will a government who has used up our Earnings Reserve and PFD funds look to limit government spending, or will it look to the people to fund their special projects?


Alaska is experiencing an increasing housing shortage. District 5 is particularly impacted due to a lack of adequate housing for the working class.  Alaska needs to step up and provide incentives that will ease the lack of housing and improve our local standard of living.  Incentives can include tax credits or leveraging existing programs similar to Habitat for Humanity and AlaskaCDC (Alaska Community Development Corporation).

Adequate housing ensures a strong community and a healthy economy.

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The ferry system in Alaska is a lifeline for our coastal communities and must receive priority treatment in the budget process.  Due to its vital support for safety of life and commerce throughout the state, it should be recognized by the federal government as an interstate highway equivalent.  Bringing in third party vendors, similar to the National Park Services, to provide improved amenities such as restaurants, movies and internet would go a long way in making the ferries a preferred form of travel.


Alaska and the nation have had some of the same career politicians running the show since I was born.  The nation needs fair term limits so that individuals come into government to serve, and not to get rich.  This type of movement starts at home, and implementing reasonable term limits for our local House, Senate and Governor will effect other states and eventually the nation.

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PFD Check.jpeg


The Permanent Fund Dividend is the sharing of profits from the land that all Alaskans own.  Our law makers should not be allowed to use it as a political bargaining chip for votes or compromise.  We need to stick to the original formula.  Our legislators need to make the PFD established and predictable so that families can plan accordingly.


Bycatch hurts all fishermen and is unsustainable for our ocean life.  Alaska's marine resources need to be well managed and remain as a top priority for our lawmakers.  Legislation regarding bycatch should be reviewed to ensure it provides adequate incentives to minimize bycatch.

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A binding caucus is a means by which established leadership holds control over what other legislators are able to vote for.  Our leaders take an oath to represent us with our specific needs in mind.  The binding caucus hampers their ability to preform for their constituents, and gives ultimate power and control to one or two people.

Our representatives should have the ability to properly represent their districts without the pressure of supporting one agenda.


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If you want to get involved and bring a new face with new ideas to Juneau, it starts one person at a time.  You and I will work one-on-one to get the word out, promote a new vision for District 5, and bring honesty back to the capitol.  Fill out the form to get involved.

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