Why I Choose Ben Vincent
by Robert Allen Wagner

  Hello to my fellow neighbors, and voters. I’ve been very fortunate to call myself an Alaskan resident beginning way back in 1983. I’ve even been prouder to declare myself a Kodiak Island resident… AKA the “Rock,” as far back as 1985. 

  I’ve experienced, witnessed, and enjoyed the bustling days of old downtown Kodiak, with its multitude of local business, and endless opportunities. To the slow death of downtown, and the rise of the corporate box stores!  After two decades of stagnant growth, and the slow decay of downtown, we are now witnessing a small spark of the American spirit


rebounding in the heart of downtown Kodiak.  This isn’t due to one person, or one entity, it’s due to a group of forward thinkers, risk takers, and entrepreneurs. Pushing to help rebuild the heart of Kodiak.  One of those new voices is that of Ben Vincent, a young new leader here in Kodiak.

   Over my lifetime here on the island it’s been clear that many elected officials have worked hard to represent our needs and wants to support our quality of life here on the island.

   Yet it’s almost 2023, and times have changed, not just across this nation, but also here in the District, and most certainly Juneau Alaska. Deep down I wish I could say it was for the better.

  We have many new problems, along with old problems to solve, such as endless budgets problems, with tax break’s going to Big Oil, while our local communities here in Alaskan are economically zapped.

  A fishing industry that’s has serious problems, from bycatch issues to an industry that welcomes corporate growth while destroying the ability, along with the incentive, for a new generation of fishing families to prosper and survive. We must keep the fishing tradition alive. Alaska's fishing industry is a metaphor for what’s happened to the farming industry!

   We witnessed Covid mandates, that had no push back from some of our State elected officials, which ended the livelihoods of well regarded tax payers, and fellow neighbors here on the island.  Mandates that helped wreak havoc on our local economy, our children, and education system.

  I will close my post by saying, I’m also thankful to those who have represented and fought for Kodiak and the District in Juneau through all those years.

   But I also truly believe it’s time for new blood, a new generation of leadership to speak to new problems and to combat old problems. Leadership that has a new prospective, new ideas, and the fire in their soul to fight for their young families, for my family, and your family!

After speaking with Ben, I believe he has the drive, energy, and fire in his belly to fight for what I want, and what I believe this community needs to grow, and move forward to address it’s many needs.  I'll be voting for Ben Vincent, and I hope you do too.